Eminem - Kamikaze Album Review

March 22, 2019


Well, I'm finally at the end of the road. Eminem has been a very fun and entertaining artist to listen to. But I'm very ready to stop reviewing his music. Let's get into one his most hated and loved albums, Kamikaze.


1. The Ringer (Produced by Illa Da Producer, Ronny J and Eminem)


Straight out the gate I want to mention a few things, I love the majority of the production and direction this album took, I hate how much Em disses mumble rappers, and I really dislike the amount of Dad jokes on this album. Now that's outta the way. This song is pretty dope. The beat is basic, but it get's the job done, Eminem's rapping is pretty amazing and insane for the entire song, but there are a few corny bars so I can't call the song great. It's a good start to the album though. 4/5


2. Greatest (Produced by Mike Will Made It and Jeremy Miller)


This beat is dope as fuck. I love Eminem's bouncy flow and crazy rhymes/lyricism on this track too. The hook is kinda annoying but I honestly got used to it after listening so many times. This song is pretty dope and I don't really have many problems with it. 4.5/5


3. Lucky You (feat. Joyner Lucas) (Produced by Boi-1da, Illa Da Producer, Eminem and Jahaan Sweet)


This song is easily one of the best on the album by far. Joyner's verse was fucking flames, and Eminem's verse is one of the best he's dropped in a long ass time, plus this song was a flow clinic full of real lyrical displays. This is everything Rap God wishes it was, and it's amazing. 5/5


4. Paul (Skit)


This skit is pretty funny, but it's nothing crazy, not gonna rate it. 


5. Normal (Produced by Swish Allnet, Illa Da Producer, Lonestarrmuzik and Symbolic One)


This song isn't that bad, in fact I actually almost like it because of how good his rapping is the whole time. The first beat is cool, but Eminem just kinda sounds out of place on it, the second beat is far better for the subject matter of the song and the way Em is rapping. It's pretty funny and entertaining but it's not a good song. 2.5/5


6. Em Calls Paul (Skit)


This skit was pretty funny too, some of the best skits that Em has had in a long time on his albums.


7. Stepping Stone (Produced by Eminem and Luis Resto)


I really love the beat and sound of this song. Sounds like it's straight outta the Eminem show. The weakest part of the song for me is definitely Eminem's singing, because I really like the weird sounding and strangely mixed female vocals during the hook. I would like this song way more if Em wasnt singing. It's pretty cool, but it's just not quite there for me to be honest. 3/5


8. Not Alike (feat. Royce Da 5"9) (Produced by Tay Keith and Ronny J)


This song is really dope, Royce's verse was great, the beat is dope, the beat switch is insane, and Eminems two verses are both great too, espeicially his second one, the one thing that stops me from loving this song completely is Eminem's hook where he's bullying mumble rappers, otherwise this song is dope. 4/5


9. Kamikaze (Produced by Eminem and Suby)


This song is the only song where Eminem seems like he's genuinely just fucking around and having fun. I really like the weird ass banging production. Eminem's verses are actually really dope too. Especially at the end of the song. The chorus is kinda lame, but I still like this song quite a lot. It's dope. 4/5


10. Fall (Produced by Mike Will Made It and Eminem)


This is definitely one of my favourite songs on the album, and sonically I have literally no problems whatsoever. Em's delivery is great, his bars are amazing and the beat and hook are amazing. The only problem I have with this song are the stupid Tyler The Creator and Earl disses, otherwise this song is amazing. I really love it. 5/5


11. Nice Guy (Feat. Jessie Reyez) (Produced by Ball, Symbolic One and Eminem)


This song is garbage. One of the worst Eminem songs I've ever heard and belongs back on Revival. Trash. Jessie Reyez voice is so annoying the whole song, I really dislike it. The hook is trash. Eminem's verse is actually decent, but Jessie ruins this song, jesus, this is offensively bad. 1/5


12. Good Guy (feat. Jessie Reyez) (Produced by Eminem and Illa Da Producer)


I really like the beat on this song and Jessie's singing sounds great on this song too. But the content is just typical Em talking about relationships, and I've heard it too many times already. The song isn't that bad sonically, but it's nothing special. 3/5


13. VENOMEMEMEMEMEM (Produced by Eminem and Luis Resto)


I actually kinda like the beat on this song for the most part. The verses are decent too. But that hook WHAT THE FUCK. VENOM ADMEMEMDMME BUM BIDDIM. There's a reason why I named the song this. It's awful. I really can't stand this song, I only listen to the hook for a meme and turn if off. It's just kinda bad. It doesn't have the right to be this bad considering Eminem's verses and the beat, but it really is. It's not good. 2/5


Final Thoughts


This album was a pretty good return to form for Em. I'm glad it was short and pretty straight to the point, even still, some songs are a little too long in my opinion. This has some of Eminem's most technically impressive verses yet, but a displays a very easy to hate attitude towards the new wave of rappers, which is annoying af at times. I'm glad Em decided to drop this after Revival, because I'd much rather this be his final album, but at the same time, I hope he can give us one last great album before he goes, because I know he can do it.


Overall Rating: 69/100

Favourite Tracks: Lucky You, Fall, Kamikaze, Not Alike, Greatest, The Ringer

Least Favourite: NICE GUY, and Venom's hook


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