Tech N9ne - The Storm (Deluxe) Album Review

January 25, 2018



Ok, another Tech N9ne review, I didn't really wanna jump into a terrible Eminem album after listening to three of the best albums I've ever heard by him, so I thought I'd continue my Tech N9ne Marathon. With this Tech N9ne marathon I'm only going to review albums by him that I think are fairly good. I've listened to most of his discography so I have a pretty good idea of which albums to stay away from. I'd rather not listen to his first few albums. A lot of them are pretty bad from what I've heard. I have heard this entire album before, but it was quite a while ago, so there are only a few songs that I really remember vividly. This was a good album from what I remembered, so I was ready to take another listen. This is a huge album, so if there's a song that I'm not really feeling I won't spend much time speaking on it. This entire album is produced by Seven unless noted otherwise. It's also divided into several sections that I'll explain as the music continues.


Section 1: Kingdom

This section is dedicated to the more arrogant, braggadocious tracks on the album. It's selfish and it contains mostly self-centered tracks overall.


Track 1: Godspeed

This song is a prime example of why I love Tech N9ne. This beat is insane first of all, it sounds modern, it has knocking bass, plus I love the overall sound of it, it really sounds like a storm is going down. The way that Tech opens up the song dissing mainstream in a clever way is pretty funny, and then he just launches into a crazy flow. He maintains his incredible flow throughout the entire song. His rhyme schemes are crazy for most of the song too. Tech's biggest strengths have always been his speed, his flow and his rhymes, and with great production and a good hook he's unstoppable. On this song all of those things line up perfectly and it makes for one of the best songs that Tech has ever made in my opinion. This song is dope as fuck. 5/5


Track 2: Need Jesus (feat. JL and Stevie Stone) (Produced by N4)

This intro by Stevie sounds great, he's essentially preaching, but because of his voice it sounds great. This is another amazing beat as well. Tech's hook sounds great, the way that Stevie sings and complements him alongside Tech's rapping fits it really well. Tech's opening verse sounds nice, he has a great flow too. The cheese pizza line was pretty average, but it's definitely not bad or anything. The second verse is definitely Tech's best on the song. He has great lyrics and I love the flow that he uses. I can't believe people used to call him a devil worshiper though lmao. He was just weird as hell, he wasn't really that demonic. JL has a fantastic verse at the end of the song, I definitely think that it's the best on the song. His flow is fantastic and his delivery sounds really passionate too. This is a great song. 5/5


Track 3: Sriracha (feat. Logic and Joyner Lucas)

I absolutely love the beat on this song. It's my favourite beat on the entire album. I just love the overall sound, it's really frenetic and exciting. Tech's first verse is dope. He murdered it. Logic's verse is cool. You can tell he wasn't really trying. Logic is one of my favourite rappers, but he didn't really deliver at all on this song. He can do much better. The way that Tech starts the third verse and then transitions into Joyner is cool though. Joyner murdered this whole song flow-wise. Lyrically......... it wasn't good. Joyner definitely used the chance that Tech gave him to just stomp the shit out of the beat, but I wish he was more lyrical instead of trying to go as fast as possible. I still like this song, but it's amazing effect has worn off on me. 4/5


Track 4: Wifi (Skit)

This is a skit where Tech explains why the next song's name is so stupid. It's kinda funny I guess, but it really just show's that Tech will make a song about anything. A guy mispronouncing Wifi was literally enough inspiration for Tech to make a song.


Track 5: Wifi (Weefee)

This song has a cool instrumental. I thought it was pretty funny the first time I heard it. The verses overall on this song are pretty cool. But the hook is pretty trash in my opinion. It's just irritating. I understand that Tech is trying to say that he's like Wifi, because he can connect everyone, with good music, and with his connections in the music industry. It's a good idea, but I don't like how he did it. This song is just average to me. 2.5/5


Track 6: Erbody But Me (feat. Bizzy and Krizz Kaliko)

This is one of the time where I think Tech has actually done the club sound really well. Bizzy's voice is perfect for hooks like this. The beat is really dope too. Tech's verses aren't anything crazy, but I do like them anyway. This is a good song to bump, and the hook is really catchy too. The way that Tech raps makes everything sound complicated though, so this songs ends up sounding way doper that it really is when you break it down, but I still really like this a lot. Krizz Kaliko only says "finna go up" and "bout to go up" during the hook, so I don't know why they bothered listing him as a feature. 5/5


Track 7: Get Off Me (feat. Darrein Safron and Problem)

This song was the first time I ever heard Darrein rap, and I thought it was really dope. Unfortunately I don't really like his hook at all with this beat. It just doesn't mesh well in my opinion. With that being said, I think that this beat is also really dope. This album has some of Tech's best production in my opinion. Tech's verse was dope. I really liked Problem's verse. He sounded pretty badass. He wasn't saying much, but it still sounded sick over this production. This song would be great if it wasn't for Darrein's hook, but it's still pretty good. The transition into the next section of the album is pretty goofy though. 4/5


Section 2: Clown Town

This section is supposed to be about Tech's killer clown persona. It's meant to be the darker side of the project apparently, but I don't really know about that.


Track 8: I Get It Now (feat.Krizz Kaliko)

This track has circus music as the key sound for the instrumental, I don't understand how this is meant to be dark. This sounds like old school Tech though. This song is just ok to me. Tech's rapping is cool and all. But the hook isn't that great. Overall, the song is just kinda lame to me. I can understand why a lot of Tech fan's really like it though. I personally think a lot of Tech's newer music is superior to his older style, so a return to his cornier side isn't something I particularly care for. I do like the message of the song though. He basically just embraces all the weird things about him since he will never fit in with mainstream and other rappers. This song is ok, but I definitely won't be returning to it. 3/5


Track 9: Hold On Me (feat. Kate Rose)

Kate Rose's chorus is really nice. It suits the overall vibe and atmosphere of the track quite well. The production on this song is also very enjoyable, much like the rest of the album. The thing that really surprised me is that Tech is talking about a really personal subject on this song. He speaks about how he can't keep a woman because of the life he lives, and he seems like he's honestly addicted to sex. I would like this song a lot more if it wasn't for Tech's part where he sings during his verse, It doesn't really sound that great at all. This is still a good song overall though, I just have some small issues with it. 4/5


Track 10: Starting to Turn (feat. Johnathan Davis)

I believe that Johnathan Davis is the lead singer of Korn. I really like the rock sound of this track, Tech sound's great over this kind of production, however, I really don't like Johnathan Davis at all. I think that his chorus ruins this song to be perfectly honest. This song would be dope as hell if it wasn't for that hook. I just don't like the sound of his voice at all. This song isn't that great to me. 2/5


Track 11: Poisoning The Well

This is the only song I remember distinctly not liking the first time I listened to the album. I really dislike the chorus. The woman singing the hook sounds very irritating to me. I like the instrumentation on this song, however the chorus definitely ruins it. Tech's rapping isn't even that good either to be honest. Actually that's not true, he's still rapping pretty damn well, but I just don't like it. This song isn't very good in my opinion. I also really dislike the ending. 2/5


Section 3: G-Zone

This section is dedicated to gangster rap and Tech's more thuggish music. I really disagreed with the assessment that Clown Town was dark music, I didn't think any of it was dark at all, it was all pretty average to be quite honest. This section is definitely better overall though.


Track 12: Buss Serves (feat. Big Scoob and Young Devi D)

I love the production on this song. It does sound pretty damn gangsta. Tech's verse made me laugh the first time I heard it. He talks about being in an ice cream team, I figured that it was a drug reference but i'd just never heard it before. I like Tech's verse a lot though. Tech's contribution to the hook is dope as fuck. Young Devi D is kinda lame though. His contribution to the hook is cool, but his verse was just tryhard. He was trying way too hard to sound cool, and he just sounded lame. Big Scoob murdered his verse though. I really like Big Scoob a lot. If Devi D wasn't in this song it would be great, but it's just good thanks to his verse. 3.5/5


Track 13: No Runnin To Ya Mama

I like the production a lot on this song. Tech's verses are cool, but I really don't like the hook at all. Except for the "way-o way-o way-o waaaayy-o" part. I think that part's really dope. Tech's flow is really unimpressive and basic on this song. I personally think that the main reason this song is so boring is because it was really uninspired. The concept is pretty weak. It's all about Tech being badass and you can't go run to your mama when you mess with Tech. It's just boring. It's definitely not wack, just boring. 2.5/5


Track 14: Buddha (featuring Boyz II Men and Adrian Truth)

This song is dope as fuck. This was my favourite song the first time I heard the album. The production is just awesome, I love Tech's flow and delivery on this song. But the hook is just beautiful. Boyz II Men and Adrian truth just sound so soulful. The fact that this entire song can be about weed and I love it this much just shows how dope sonically it is. I love everything about this song, the lyrics, the flow, the delivery, the beat and the chorus, it's just all fantastic to me. 5/5


Track 15: No Gun Control (feat. Gary Clark Jr. and Krizz Kaliko)

The intro on this song is cool I guess. The concept of the song is that there's no gun control, so people just spray left and right. The beat is really dope on this song. Tech's first verse is fucking badass, the chorus is cool by Gary, but I feel like this song doesn't know how it wants to sound. I'm not a fan of the beat switchups. The beat when Krizz and Tech is rapping is really dope though. Krizz murdered his verse. He sounded so great over this production. Gary Clark Jr has a guitar solo too, it's also really good. I still think this is a good song overall, but I just wish it stuck to one sound, because that rap beat was really dope. This is a good song. 4/5


Track 16: What If It Was Me (feat. Krizz Kaliko)

 This is another fantastic song. It really describes the struggles of racism that people go through in everyday America. It tackles the perspective of a black man and a cop respectively when they have an encounter. The black man never knows if the cop is going to shoot him, but the cop never knows if the man is going to pull out a gun and shoot. The music video for this song is perfect. Krizz's hook and verse are beautifully written and sung. This song is beautiful and haunting. The way that hey use the lyrics of Aw Yeah? at the end of the song is fantastic too. This is one of the best songs Tech has ever written. 5/5


Track 17: Anywhere (feat. Marsha Ambrosius) (Produced by Mr Porter)

Marsha Ambrosius is an incredible singer. Her chorus on this song is absolutely fantastic. I think that I might go and check out some solo projects of hers, because she always amazes me every time I hear her sing. Tech's rapping is great on this song. He just raps about being sick of fake people, he feels like he can't trust anyone and he just wants to get away from all of his problems. I really like the message of just wanting to fly away and escape all of your problems, it's a really beautiful song to listen to. This is great. The production is also great as usual. 5/5


Track 18: Til I'm Gone (feat. Kiddo A.I.) (Produced by The Pushers and Gianni Ca$h)

Kiddo A.I. sings really beautifully on the hook of this song. I love the instrumental too. The message of this song is taking your time to forgive your partner for their mistakes, and to either accept them or move on. Tech uses his personal stories with his wife as examples for this. Apparently the chicks that used to go to his shows when he was still married to her made up stories about him, and she would always use this as an excuse to argue with him. Tech couldn't handle it anymore after a while and ending up splitting with her. This is another really good song. Tech's flow is fantastic and he sounds great over the production. 5/5


Track 19: The Needle (feat. Krizz Kaliko)

I think this is easily the most overrated song on the whole album. I saw so many people saying this was the best track, but I just don't feel this song as much as a song like What If It Was Me, the lyrics and the concept of the song is great though, and the production is also really good. But I just don't like Krizz's chorus at all. I feel really sorry for Tech, he works so damn hard and has achieved so much, but he really isn't recognised at all by a lot of people. I really want to like this song, but Krizz's chorus just ruins it for me. Tech's lyrics are great though, but I just don't like the song. 2.5/5


Track 20: The Long Way (feat. Krizz Kaliko)

This is the last track on the deluxe version before all of the bonus songs. This production is pretty good, I like the vocal samples in the beat. Tech's verse is pretty good, and he also shouts out Lecrae, which is neat. I don't really like the hook on this song too much. I like Krizz's verse a fair bit though. His singing sounds pretty nice. His rapping is pretty good too. This song would be good if it wasn't for the chorus, but I just don't really like it that much. 2.5/5


Early Thoughts

This is a good album, it has a lot of flaws, but overall it is pretty good. I think that there is a lot of filler that Tech could have easily cut out, but it's still a good effort overall. My biggest problem was definitely the hooks. The production was great, Tech was great and there were a lot of strong concepts too. It's biggest weakness is definitely the hooks. There's still 13 bonus tracks to go though, so the rating isn't set in stone yet.


 Overall Rating (No Bonus Tracks): 75/100

Favourite Tracks: Godspeed, Need Jesus, Buddha, What If It Was Me, Anywhere, Sriracha

Least Favourite: Poisoning The Well


Bonus Tracks


Track 21: Fuh What? (Produced by Seven, Makzilla and JMac Tracks)

The production on this song is dope as hell. Tech's vocals at the start of his first verse are ok, but I like the way he's rapping quite a bit actually. The hook is cool I guess. This song is basically just about this chick that want's to have sex with Tech. She's doing all these nice things for Tech and he's asking Fuh What? Why is she doing all this? For sex. Yeah, pretty mind-blowing concept. This song is cool to me. I definitely wouldn't say it's one of Tech's best songs, it belongs as a bonus track. 3/5


Track 22: Own Thang (Performed by JL) (Produced by Burna)

The thing that I find pretty interesting about the deluxe album is that there are a lot of songs entirely by other artists that Tech put on his album to help promote them. This is JL's song. The beat is really dope, I thought JL was gonna snap on this song because of the beat, but he's just trying to be gangsta. The hook is pretty lifeless and boring. The verses are cool though. It's just really obvious JL wasn't trying on this song. If he likes this song, good for him, I just think it's really average, the production is the best part of the song by far. 3/5


Track 23: Choosin (feat. Brandoshis) (Produced by N4)

This song is pretty damn boring to me. The production is average, Tech's rapping is pretty average, and Brandoshis sounds like he was sent forward in time from the late 2000s to do the hook on the song, and in a bad way. Tech's rapping is good at times, but he has some dumb lyrics, this song is pretty bad to me. 2/5


Track 24: Ignorance (performed by Darrein Safron) (produced by Omley and Mani)

This song is what I want from Darrein. I really like the production, he raps really well, and he has a great hook too. His singing sounds really nice. I like the whole message of the song about him doing what he wants, he's from the bottom, he's ignorant, he shouldn't even be rich, so he's going to do what he wants. This is a really good song. 5/5


Track 25: Deleted (performed by Mackenzie Nicole)

Mackenzie. Such a great singer. She never disappoints me. I love her singing throughout this entire song. The subject matter is pretty good for pop standards too. She's a good songwriter. The hook is really catchy. This production is dope as hell too. I haven't heard a song yet from Mackenzie that I dislike. 5/5


Track 26: Gridlock (performed by Ces Cru)

Ces Cru are dope as hell. This beat is great. Ubiquitous absolutely murders his half of the song. He has a great flow and I love his aggressive delivery. Godemis is dope as hell too. I love the names of these guys. Godemis and Ubiquitous. What badass names. The only thing I don't like about the song is the hook. It sounds really awkward and disjointed. This song is still really dope though, that hook just brings it down for me. 4/5


Track 27: Last Day Alive (Performed by Wrekonize) (Produced by Beatnick and K-Salaam)

The beat on this song is crazy. Wrekonize sounds fantastic over this production though. I love the message about living life like its your last day on Earth. Wrekonize's singing sounds great on the chorus. He has a fantastic flow throughout the entire song. The lyrics that he's spitting all have meaning too, I wouldn't really say there's many filler bars at all. This is a really good song with a great message. 5/5


Track 28: Kansas City (feat. The Popper and Rich The Factor)

This song has my favourite production on the whole project. I love Tech's verse and his delivery, he just sounds so laid back, I really dig the vibe. The whole song is talking about how dope Kansas city is essentially. The Kansas city hook gets a little played out at times though. The Popper has a pretty cool verse. It's nothing crazy but it's still cool. Rich The Factor definitely has the worst verse, it isn't that bad, but I just wish Tech rapped the entire song to be honest. That Kansas city hook is ridiculous at the end though.


"Kansas City! Kansas City!
Kansas City, Kansas City, Kansas City
Kansas City! Kansas City!
Kansas City, Kansas City, Kansas City
Kansas City! Kansas City!
Kansas City, Kansas City, Kansas City
Kansas City! Kansas City!
Kansas City, Kansas City, Kansas City"


I still really like the song because of Tech and the production though. Guilty pleasure I guess. 4/5


Track 29: Wet

This song has really dope production too. It's probably better than Kansas City's production to be honest, I just really like the old school sound of Kansas City. I like Tech's verses a lot, he sounds dope as hell over this production, and that hook is great too. The Tom Cruise line always makes me laugh because I think of that Bobby Shmurda parody whenever I hear it. 

I know that the meme is old and played out at this point, but I still like it. Anyway, this song is dope as hell. 5/5


Track 30: Colossus (Performed by Murs) (Produced by DJ Rek)

Murs is a really dope rapper. He seems like such a cool dude as well. He's one of the few rappers that looks like he would be cool dude to hang out with. The hook is pretty cool on this song. I like the production too. This song is similar to Okey Dog in concept except Murs is talking in first person. For those that don't know Okey Dog is a song about a badass hood dude that was the badass of the hood. This song is pretty similar, but Okey Dog is definitely better. This is still a good song though, I just think that Murs has done a lot better. 4/5


Track 31: Mind Kcuf (feat. Krizz Kaliko)

This song is cringey. Tech's lyrics are creepy as fuck. He talks about wanting to be next to this chick to sniff her. He says "posting pictures of your fine butt" as a lyric, he sounds so immature. This song has dope ass production, and a fantastic hook from Krizz, but the subject matter is fucking stupid. This song has shit lyrics all the way through. Just because Tech writes it weirdly it doesn't always make it good. This song is only saved by the hook and production. 2.5/5


Track 32: We're Not Sorry (feat. Mackenzie Nicole)

Mackenzie's hook is really good on this song. I love her singing voice so much, it definitely isn't her best singing on this song, but it's still good. The production when Tech starts rapping is dope as fuck though. Seven killed it this album when it comes to production. Mackenzie's hook is good, but it's really strange how it switches from that badass sounds to a more dramatic and poppy chorus. 5/5 


Final Thoughts

This album is surprisingly good for how damn long it is. This album is 2 hours though. It's a lot of work to get through. If I take out the songs that are average or worse, you get a 22 track album, which means that less than a third of the album is skippable. However, the other two thirds are all great. The scoring system that I use simply means that 80% of the albums total play time is good, not necessarily 80% of the songs on the album. All of the songs that I didn't like had good or redeeming qualities. Anyway, this was a good album, but I hope Tech never releases an album this long ever again.


  Overall Result: 76/100

Favourite Tracks: Godspeed, Need Jesus, Buddha, What If It Was Me, Anywhere, Sriracha, Wet, Ignorance, Deleted, Last Day Alive

Least Favourite: Poisoning The Well



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