Eminem - Chloraseptic Remix (feat. 2 Chainz and Phresher) - Track Review

January 14, 2018


Well damn, here's a little surprise. So I was holding out hope that Eminem would release a deluxe version of Revival with the missing 2 Chainz verse and hopefully a Tech N9ne feature, however what we got was a remix of Chloraseptic. I'm definitely interested to check out how Em's gonna rap on this, but also 2 Chainz as well. I'm actually a big fan of 2 Chainz, I think he's quite an underrated rapper. Anyway, let's check this out.


I actually like this beat more than I realised the first time I heard it. I think Em's delivery just made me not like it as much. Oh here we go.


Take 'em to church, I'm talkin' the tabernacle

It's the return of the body snatcher

Walk in the spot, make my woman smack ya (whoo!)

In a fruit fight, I aim at your Adam's apple


I heard a little while back that Eminem said to 2 Chainz that he couldn't believe he rhymed tabernacle with Adam's apple. So this was definitely the missing verse from the original album. 2 Chainz is actually spitting a really dope verse, he sounds great over this production. He has so many metaphors and a lot of great wordplay throughout his whole verse. This is actually the best 2 Chainz verse I've ever heard. Yeah he actually murdered that shit. I don't know what it is, but I really like Phresher's hook now. It sounds great. Oh wow, Phresher is rapping now. I've never actually heard him before. He has a really raspy and deep voice and amazing energy. He sounds great over this production. He can be kinda hard to understand at some points, but he is keeping a really nice flow and he is spitting good lyrics. It's nothing crazy, but it's still really good. Ok. Wow. I'm actually mad right now. Why is Eminem spitting so amazingly now????? Where the hell was this kinda energy and lyricism on Revival???????? I could literally paste the entire first half of his verse, hell I think I could put his entire verse.


Bin Laden wit’ a pen, bodyin’ again
I begin slaughterin' your men, prolly shoulda been
Ali or the Svengali embodiment of sin
Like a Saudi in the Taliban plotting an event
In the lobby of the Intercontinental with an obvious intent
And I would not even relent up on a little
Like Osama with a bomb under the bin inside the middle
Of the Pentagon and hit a kindergartener with a rental (stop!)


This verse was absolutely amazing. This was easily better than anything Em put on Revival. I really hope that he goes and drops another project with songs as great as this, because this was absolutely incredible. This is the best song he's released in years. 5/5



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