December 29, 2017

 BROCKHAMPTON is easily one of the dopest new rap groups in the game right now. I've heard all of Saturation and Saturation II and I really liked both of those albums. These guys have such a unique and refreshing style, so I'm assuming this album is going to be great. I'll probably write up reviews for those two albums after this. I really need this album to be good after that Eminem album. It just barely qualified for me as a 5/10. If it wasn't for a few highlights here and there, I'd have to give the album a 4/10. Anyway, Im hoping this is at least an 8, but even if its a 7 I'm cool with it because of the last two projects they've released. Let's get started.


1. BOOGIE (Performed by Kevin Abstract, Ameer Vann, Matt Champion, JOBA, Merlyn Wood and Dom McLennon) (Produced by  Romil Hemnani and Jabari Manwa)


HOLY SHIT!!!! This beat is absolutely insane. The energy on this track is unbelievable. I love the saxophones in the background. I really like Kevin's intro and chorus on this song.



What are the rules for breakfast today?
What are the words I'm forbidden to say?
I need to let my hair down and grow it like a real ass bitch
A real ass bitch, bitch



I've been beat up my whole life
I've been shot down, kicked out twice
Ain't no stoppin' me tonight
I'ma get all the things I like
I've been beat up my whole life
I've been shot down, kicked out twice
Ain't no stoppin' me tonight
I'ma get all the things I like


Kevin has a short verse too and it's dope. Ameer takes the first verse and he has his traditional flow, sounding great as usual. Kevin has his verse next, and then Matt Champion comes in with a great delivery. These guys never have mind blowing lyrics but their songs always sound absolutely amazing. Woah. JOBA has a sick verse on this song. He's really yelpy in his verse and it sounds great with this production.


Break necks, I'm the chiropractor
Come on down, you know I gotcha
Real shit, feelin' saturated
Realign the spine, fuck the haters


Merlyn's up next with some ridiculous shit like he usually says.


When you see me in the street, they say "Willie, Willie!"
But you won't see me in the street, I'm like a hillbilly
I was sad 'cause nobody wanna suck my willy
Now I'm sad, everybody wanna suck my willy


He sounds great as well. Dom McLennon is the most talented rapper in the group by far in my opinion, and he murders his verse.


They be like "what the fuck is you on?" when we hit the room
Move til' these niggas throw me in the tomb
Hear the sounds of the pharaoh when we spin the tunes
Everything feel right now you in the womb


This song is a fantastic intro. 5/5


2. ZIPPER (Performed by JOBA, Dom McLennon, Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion and Merlyn Wood) (Produced by Romil Hemnani and Jabari Manwa)


This beat sounds like some circus music. It's pretty dope though. JOBA sounds really good on the intro and his first verse. Dom's verse is dope as hell too. Kevin's chorus is pretty catchy, but he doesn't have a verse.


Ghetto in here, flash it, ooh, them boys stay nasty
Floating like Aladdin, them the ones you talking to


I really like Matt's verse. The way that he was starting it I thought he was Merlyn for a second. Merlyn sounds great as well.


Head was clean, Tony Fantano...


Shoutout to Anthony. That must have been pretty dope to have Merlyn shout you out on a song like that. This is another great song. 4/5


3. JOHNNY (Performed by Kevin Abstract, Dom McLennon, Ameer Vann, Matt Champion and JOBA) (Produced by  Romil Hemnani and Jabari Manwa)


This beat is fantastic. Kevin's first verse is really clever.


I could've got a job at McDonald's, but I like curly fries
That's a metaphor for my life, and I like taller guys


This is Kevin using fries as a metaphor for his sexuality. McDonald's fries are straight, so it wouldn't fit with him. These verse have been really short so far. They're the perfect length so that you don't get bored of the members I guess, but they're all so interesting that they could have twice as much time to be honest. Dom's verse was dope. Kevin's second verse was pretty funny with the Harry style's line. 


Anybody got Harry Styles' phone number?


Ameers verse was dope too. I feel like I'm just gonna be saying this the whole album, but Matt's was great as well. Oh wow. I absolutely love this bridge from Kevin.


Baby, I been trippin' off 'em, tie me up and send 'em off
And I been on mission for it, I just want my own apartment
I just want a space with my old best friend
Lock me in your cellular, won't elevate again


His flow and delivery sounds so great. JOBA kinda sounds like Red Foo at the start of his verse. JOBA is so versatile with his voice. He definitely had the best verse on this song.


It seems I'm destined to fall apart when I'm depressed
It's all a test, scream at God from my bedside
I glue my hands together, life's got me hog-tied
There's no applause in the game of life, I just bought a car


This song is amazing to me. This is my favourite one so far. 5/5


4. LIQUID (Performed by Ameer Vann, Dom McLennon, Kevin Abstract, Merlyn Wood and Matt Champion) (Produced by Jabari Manwa)


This beat is really dope. This is a really short track, so I'm guessing these verses are gonna be even smaller than usual. Ameer's verse was dope. I wish he'd use a different flow, but I suppose if it isn't broke don't fix it right? Dom kinda sounded like Wrekonize a little bit in his verse. Everyone on the song was pretty dope, there isn't much else to say really, another great song. 5/5


5. CINEMA 1 (Performed by Robert Ontenient) (Produced by  Romil Hemnani)


This is another skit from Roberto. It's in Spanish so I can't understand it, but the genius annotation says that it's a reflection on the previous storyline of the other two Saturations. Once I finish the reviews I'll come back here and do a summary of Roberto's skits and what they all mean. 


6. STUPID (Performed by Merlyn Wood, Ameer Vann, Matt ChampionKevin Abstract, and Dom McLennon) (Produced by Romil Hemnani and Q3)


I like the beat on this song. Apparently this song was supposed to be called FAGGOT. Damn. It was Kevin's idea supposedly. Good for him that he's so comfortable with his sexuality. I've always found it interesting how some people in certain groups will claim a word and make it their own. Like Black guys with the N-word and Gay guys with faggot. White guys can't really own cracker though, I don't really think cracker is that offensive anyway tbh. But yeah, this song is dope. It's probably my least favourite song so far, but it's still great. 4/5


7. BLEACH (Performed by Ryan Beatty, Matt Champion, Merlyn Wood, Ameer Vann, Dom McLennon, JOBA, Kevin Abstract and bearface) (Produced by Romil Hemnani and Q3)


Oh damn. I can tell I'm gonna love this damn song. This singing by Ryan Beatty sounds so amazing over this production. Matt had a dope verse


Phone ringing, never out, going home
Body never outgoing, put my doubts on when these walls up
Tearing at the black tie, finish adding notches to my belt loop
They say help you, I can't help you


Merlyn and Ameer both sounded great too. I really like Dom's delivery too. The beat switches up about two thirds of the way in and it sounds great, I already liked the first beat a lot to begin with, but the new beat sounds great too. I love JOBA's verse. His singing sounds amazing. Kevin is using the high pitched vocals for his bridge and it sounds cool. bearface though. Oh my fucking god. bearface makes me lose it everytime man. He has one of the best singing voices I've ever heard. Fuck, I wish he was in way more songs. This is my new favourite song. 5/5


8. ALASKA (Performed by Ameer Vann, Kevin Abstract, JOBA and Matt Champion) (Produced by Romil Hemnani and bearface)


Ameer sounds great over this production. It kinda has a little something that reminds me of Pony. He had some badass lines in here.


I used to work for people, I made a couple hundred dollars
Wasn't worth it even, I'm worth a hundred thousand
Not dollars but diamonds, I am mud out the bayou
Rip a page out the Bible, come and crucify me


Kevin's verse is dope too. Especially this line.


I love my niggas like white people love rap


That's just funny as hell tbh. It's really damn true. JOBA sounds great again on this song. I think JOBA really got his shine a lot more on this project. The little verse where him and Kevin were both delivering sounded really great too. The beat changes up a little at the start of Matt's verse and it sounds pretty cool. Matt's verse was dope too. There's some weird ass sounds at the end and it transitions into Hottie. 5/5


9. HOTTIE (Performed by Kevin Abstract, Dom McLennon, JOBA, Merlyn Wood and Matt Champion(Produced by Jabari Manwa)


This song sounds a lot more Pop influenced than anything else I've heard from BROCKHAMPTON so far. I like the singing on the hook a fair bit. It's pretty catchy. I like the sound of Dom's delivery a lot. JOBA sounds great again. He's probably one of my favourite members on this record so far. Merlyn sounded great too. I love how damn diverse this group is. Matt had a small contribution during the bridge but he doesn't do too much on this song. This song is done really well. This might be my least favourite one so far, but it's still really good, I definitely wouldn't skip it. 4/5


10. CINEMA 2 (Performed by Robert Ontenient) (Produced by  Romil Hemnani)


Another Roberto Skit. This is interesting, he's talking about how he wants to be antisocial and avoid everyone. He only wants to watch his word collapse and burn. Apparently his friends suffered a similar fate to this, but he wishes he could have saved them. Unfortunately it's too late now. I'm really curious how these skits are gonna fit together.


11. SISTER/NATION (Performed by Merlyn Wood, JOBA, Robert Ontenient, Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion, Dom McLennon and Ameer Van) (Produced by Romil Hemnani)


This production is so different to anything I've ever heard from BROCKHAMPTON so far. I think this is gonna be really good. Merlyns intro was cool, but it was nothing special. Joba's verse is a different story though. He's talking about how he used to need mood stabilisers when he was younger. It seems like he's even hinting at having multiple personalities. That might explain how he's so insanely versatile. Huh, even Roberto is in this song. Kevin's using his delivery that makes him sound like M.I.A. again. This beat is so dope. Kevin's verses are just good to me, I'm not really blown away by them. Matt's starting now. His flow sounds great over this beat. Yeah he killed that shit for sure. I haven't been quoting many lyrics because Brockhampton are a very sonic group, they don't have too many lyrics that stand out to be honest, they're just really good. Dom has a really autotuned verse and he reminds me of Future sometimes. Still a dope verse though. Kevin's ending to the first half of the song sounded great compared to his other verses. Alright, Nation's starting now. Kevin had a short verse where he talked about when he was younger, but I like Ameer's a lot more. 


I hate them quiet suburbs, I hate those picket fences

I hate the separation, first thing they called me "nigga"

I fight, I got suspended, my teachers saw me hit him

So they ain't listen to me, and from that moment on

I would learn that I was different, I would grow to see the difference

Second guessing my decisions, black bodies come up missing


Dom really stole the show though. He had an amazing flow and I liked what he was talking about a lot.


Wonder how the world would be if I had no face
If I had no heart, if I had no skin
And I was just thoughts, reminiscing
The things always brushed off
Had my father try to tell me I was just soft


This song is really great. I don't know why its two parts are combined into one, but it does work well. This is another dope track. 5/5


12. RENTAL (Performed by Kevin Abstract, Dom McLennon and Matt Champion) (Produced by Romil Hemnani and Q3)


I like Kevin's intro a lot. I wish he sung in his regular voice more, because he can really sing. This chorus is really catchy, and this beat is fucking great. I love Dom's verse too. His melodic delivery sounds really great. 


I want a love that make me feel like I ain't breakin' ya heart

I wanna know what made you stay when it was wrong from the start

I need to know where you went lookin' where you went through the chop

I need this fear of being everybody else to depart


Matt's singing now. He sounds really good too. These guys are all way too talented. This is ridiculous. I love this song so far. Ok, so the rest of the song is just the chorus and Matt singing a few more times. This is a great song, might be my new favourite. 5/5


13. STAINS (Performed by Ameer Van, Matt Champion, JOBA and Dom McLennon) (Produced by Romil Hemnani and Jabari Manwa)


Ameer's kinda changing up his flow a little bit on this song, it sounds pretty good. He had a solid verse. Matt has a pretty dope verse too. Dom had a good verse, and Joba sounds cool, but Idk. This song is good, but it just isn't really doing much for me to be honest. This is probably the least interesting song to me. 4/5


14. CINEMA 3 (Performed by Robert Ontenient) (Produced by Romil Hemnani)


This is just Roberto praying for better times. Not really a whole lot to say to be perfectly honest.


15. TEAM (Performed by bearface, Kevin Abstract, Ameer Vann, Dom McLennon and Matt Champion) (Produced by bearface, Romil Hemnani and JOBA)


Time for a bearface track. Bearface sounds great like usual. He doesn't sound as amazing as usual until it gets to his verse, and then it's just really beautiful. I think that his singing on SUMMER and WASTE is better overall, but this is still really great. The beat's changing up now, I really like the sound of this. This is another bunch of short verses. Kevins was dope, Ameers was dope, Dom was dope and Matt was great. bearface is on the outro and he sounds great. The rapping on this track was just cool to me, but bearface's singing brings it up a lot to me. I really love how the production changes and it transitions back into the instrumental for HEAT on Saturation. I just queued HEAT. The transition isn't perfect, but if it was that would be amazing. 5/5


Final Thoughts


Well, that was another fantastic album. There wasn't a single bad song. The songs that I like on this project are some of my favourite BROCKHAMPTON songs ever. I still think that QUEER is probably my favourite, but I'll see once I revisit the previous two projects. This is an absolutely fantastic album, I think everyone should listen to it ASAP. I think that I might just start doing favourite tracks instead of just one, because sometimes on amazing albums its hard to pick.


 Overall Rating: 93/100


Least Favourite: STAINS


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