Denzel Curry - 13 EP Review

December 12, 2017

This thing is only five tracks and only 13 minutes long, so this shit better be good. That album cover is super dope though. Anyway, I'm expecting typical Denzel on this, high energy, rapid fire flows with aggressive delivery and good lyricism. Let's have a look.


1. Bloodshed (Produced by Eric Dingus)


I like the sound of this already. Here we go, yep, this beat is really cool. I'm getting Samurai vibes from this song, idk if its just because of the album cover but it's dope as fuck. Sound's like some shits happening right now. I really like the hook, 


"Denzel, why you had to make bloodshed?
 Cause a fuck nigga fucked with the ultimate
 Denzel, why you had to make bloodshed?
 Cause a fuck nigga fucked with the ultimate
 Denzel, why you had to make bloodshed?
 Cause a fuck nigga fucked with the ultimate
 28 in a clip, I'ma shoot what's left
 Fucking with a black star, but I ain't Mos Def"


Denzel really killed it on this track, this was great, it wasn't amazing but it was definitely a good song. Nah scratch that, this shit is dope as fuck. 5/5


2. Hate Government (Produced by Finatik N Zac)


This beat is absolutely insane, fucking hell. Denzel is fucking killing this shit though, he's slicing through the beat like MF Doom, except way faster and less lyrical. This shit is still crazy though. His delivery sounds great over this beat. It's a really short song but it's still fucking sick. I love this song. If there's a longer version on his Taboo album that's coming soon i might just die. 5/5


3. Equalizer (feat. Ronny J) (Produced by Ronny J)


This beat is pretty dope. I like Denzel's delivery on this song a lot. This sounds dope so far. Ronny J is gonna start now. Ronny is a great producer but he's not a very good rapper/whatever he's trying to be. He still sounds good though, so this song is just cool to me. (After listening a few more times, this song really grew on me. I like it now. 4/5


4. Heartless (Produced by Vae Cortez)

Denzel, what are you doing man hahahahahahah. This sounds like a parody or something. This track is actually a joke to be honest. The production is good but Denzel is just murmuring bullshit right now, trying to do a really shitty melodic delivery. The start of the song is borderline hilarious. This is actually a fucking joke, this shit is fucking terrible, if it wasn't for the production and the fact that its kinda funny this would be a 1/5, but its just really bad, not quite trash. 2/5


5. Zeltron 6 Billion (feat. Lil Ugly Mane) (Produced Finatik and Zac)


This beat sounds dope, this sounds like some proper samurai shit. OH HOLY FUCK, THIS BEAT IS FUCKING INSANE WHAT THE FUCK. This is one of the dopest beats I've ever heard in my life. This is amazing. Denzel sounds absolutely awesome over this beat. This hook is really catchy too, this shit is great. Lil Ugly Mane sounds a little awkward at first over this beat to be honest, he doesn't really match the insane energy or the vibe that Denzel set. He is a pretty dope rapper though so it's ok. Yeah ok, he picked up the flow and the energy at the end of his verse, if he had that the whole time it would have been really good. This shit is fucking crazy though, I wish that it was just Denzel but it's still amazing. To be honest, after a few more listens I really love Ugly Mane's verse. 5/5


Well this EP was interesting. It had some really great songs but some one hilariously below average one. I really hope Denzel doesnt release anything like Heartless in his full album, cuz it was a pretty bad tbh. Otherwise I did enjoy this EP, and it was really short so it's fine. It could have been better, but it's still far from terrible. This is great.

     Overall Rating: 84/100

Favourite Song: Zeltron 6 Billion

Least Favourite: Heartless


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