After winning Ali Tomineek's Big Plans cypher, being reposted by Nigerian Artist Kizz Daniel, reacted to by Youtuber No Life Shaq, and reaching over half a million streams across all platforms, Control's reach as an Australian Hip-Hop artist has extended far outside his current home of Brisbane, Queensland. With a mission centred on being a "helping hand" to others around him, Control has aspirations and a mentality like few others, determined to impact the culture of Hip-Hop and the global music industry at large.

Raised in the outback Queensland town of Roma, Control has proven to be a unique hip-hop artist with a flow and lyrical focus quite unlike his Australian contemporaries. After stumbling upon Hip-Hop at the age of 13, Control eventually went on to create his own form of rap music weeks before turning 17 years old. Control chose his stage name as a way to signify himself "taking control of his life through Hip-Hop" and labeling control as the most essential component to succcess. Control holds the belief that "without self-control, we can never achieve anything". As he dove deeper into the genre, Control's style matured as he began to develop his own sound, with artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Brockhampton, Big K.R.I.T, Denzel Curry, Lupe Fiasco and Nas serving as influences to shape his idea of Hip-Hop moving forward. 


After studying and learning from varying artists both old and new school, Control's music combines many forms and styles, however it has become defined by an oftentimes aggressive, but somewhat humourous demeanour alongside witty lyricism. Although these have been Control's defining qualities for most of his career, the heartfelt breakout single "Jahseh", a tribute to the late XXXTentacion, was Control's first sign of true success in Mid 2018. The track eventually exceeded 400K Spotify streams and greatly extended the reach of his music to a new wave of listeners, forming a powerful connection to thousands of people across the globe. 

The 20 year old hip-hop artist has had a relatively short but highly active career, entering in dozens of contests ranging from AKT Aktion and Futuristic's #OneTake contest, to Kato's No Sucka MCS contest. Control's continued persistence paid off, eventually resulting in two wins in 2019; Young A.V.K's King Cypher, which resulted in Control appearing on the "King Remix" and Ali Tomineek's Big Plans cypher, a victory which will eventually result in a collaboration between Control and the billboard charting "Rhythm and Flow" contestant Ali Tomineek. Between these two victories, Control also released his first ever collaborative track, "Emergency" featuring Atlanta-based artist Oren Major, a track which would eventually collect over 15k streams. Control's international efforts in 2019 also resulted in the energetic anthem "B***hNoWay!", a collaborative track with Arizona-based artist Moxas, which went on to exceed 100k streams. The song was also reacted to by YouTuber NoLifeShaq several months later, who received the track with excitement and gave it high praise.

Less than two weeks after releasing "B***hNoWay", Control decided to enter in the #FVCKYou challenge issued by Nigerian artist Kizz DanielControl was then reposted on Instagram by Kizz Daniel, receving an influx of thousands of new followers, with the repost reaching 500k views and 100k+ likes. Control had now began to establish a solid fanbase in Nigeria. Control's next track, a collaboration with New Jersey artist Samad Savage resulted in the lyrical track "Did It Myself", a track which reached over 15k streams and further cemented Control's presence in the underground US Hip-Hop scene.

With no full-length projects released, Control is currently working on creating his debut EP,  with the latest single "OverSitting" serving as a taste for how his skills are continuing to develop going forward. With over 50 tracks released and plenty of songs still on the way, Control has a lot in store for Hip-Hop and the culture at large, and vows to make a large impact both nationally and internationally, with music on the way that will surprise even his most loyal fans.


  • 500k+ Total Streams across all Platforms

  • 300k+ Streams on XXXTentacion Tribute Jahseh

  • 100k+ Streams on BitchNoWay feat. Moxas

  • 15k+ Streams on Did It Myself feat. Samad Savage, Emergency feat. Oren Major and From The Jump 
  • Shouted out on Instagram by Kizz Daniel (6 million+ IG followers) during his #FVCKYouChallenge (500k views and 100k likes)

  • Reacted to by NoLifeShaq (1 Million+ Subscribers)

  • Winner of Ali Tomineek Big Plans Cypher

  • Winner of Young A.V.K's King Cypher

  • 2nd Place in Rhythmatic's Number One cypher

  • 2nd Place in Jayhavoc's Laser Beam cypher

  • 3rd Place in Ali Tomineeks Whoa Now Cypher

  • Entered in several other Contests including:

    • Futuristic and AKT AKtions One Take Contest 2017 and 2018

    • No Sucka MCS 5, 6 and 7

    • Best Artist Alive Challenge 2018

    • Dreamlife Artist Dream Contest

    • Redbull #Liftasyourise contest

    • Crypt's YouTube Cypher Volume 2 Contest

    • AKT AKtions Eat My Beats contest

    • Cee-Lo Greens #BrickRoadChallenge

    • Kato's #RapForKato and #RapForKato2 contests

    • K21's #AnyGivenRap Challenge

    • Ali Tomineek, Watch My 6, Yikes and 2Much cyphers

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